Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

Very Easy Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern - 2
I continue with the 3rd free amigurumi pattern of the day. Now here is the free crochet christmas tree pattern. Of course, I guess you didn’t think that just because I was sharing christmas decorations, I wouldn’t also share a christmas tree. You can place this cute and tiny crochet christmas tree on your desk or on the shelves. It looks quite useful. As with all our work, you can gift this crochet christmas tree to your loved ones after completing it. There is no star at the end of the tree in the pattern, but you can make a star at the tip to make it more elegant. Here is another beautiful amigurumi pattern that will let your imagination run wild. Now let’s get down to business.

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

Pattern: amegurema


Yarn (any type you want)
Hook (I used 4 mm)
Darning needle


MR- Magic ring
Inc- Increase
Sc- Single crochet
Dec- Decrease
FLO- Front loop only
BLO- Back loop only

Crochet Christmas Tree pattern

Start with the green yarn:
R1. 5 sc in MR [5]
R2. inc x 5 [10]
R3. sc in each [10]
R4. [sc,inc]x5 [15]
R5. sc in each [15]
R6. [2sc,inc]x5 [20]
R7. sc in each [20]
R8. [3sc,inc]x5 [25]
R9. sc in each [25]
R10. [4sc,inc]x5 [30]
R11. sc in each [30]
R12. [5sc,inc]x5 [35]
R13. sc in each [35]
R14. BLO: 17 dec, 1 sc [18]
Change to brown yarn:
R15. FLO: sc in each [18]
R16-17. sc in each [18]
R18. BLO: dec x9 [9]
Fasten off, cut yarn and close up the hole.

Take white yarn:

Hold your tree upside down (pointy side looks down).
Insert your hook between R13-R14, pull the yarn and slip stitch until the end of the row.
If you want your white lines thicker, you can go with single crochet instead of slip stitch.
In the end, slip stitch to first stitch, cut the yarn and pull off, hide tails.
Repeat it for R10-R11, R7-R8 and R4-R5.